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Location:  Avd. de Granada, 4, Jaén.

Performance: Comprehensive reform | interior design

Photography: José Torres 

BELLAVITA, a consolidated brand in terms of aesthetic services and treatments, expands its offer by projecting it to a more advanced level, becoming a medical-aesthetic center. 

It currently has six establishments distributed in the provinces of Jaén, Córdoba and Almería, whose headquarters are located in the capital Jaén. 

The incorporation of new treatments and medical specialties, leads to a change of location, which triples the current area, going to about 200 m2.

This is used so that starting from 0, a change is proposed at an aesthetic level for BELLAVITA, which reflects its leap to a more advanced level with respect to a conventional aesthetic center. 

Our objective is the aesthetic differentiation adopted by other brands in their facilities.

In addition, we propose a clean, serene, almost aseptic space, free of all superfluous and unnecessary elements.

White and gray, copper cladding as a note of color and wood as a contribution of warmth. 

Products arranged and displayed in urns with a jewelry aesthetic, which adds value. 

All the furniture designed and manufactured to measure, studied to the millimeter for its use, gives the rooms visual cleanliness, even hiding the client's belongings during treatments.

The result is a modern space, with a clear intention of durability over time, a slight touch of sophistication that undoubtedly enhances both the BELLAVITA brand and the work done by its professionals.

An environment with a certain degree of exclusivity that complements the personalized customer service, making them feel special during their stay at BELLAVITA. 

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