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Consented Philosophy

If we have to define the Consented style, it is exactly that, applying common sense to decoration, doing things with sense, avoiding superfluous elements that distract attention from how truly important the space is and the use for which it is intended.

We propose the study of distribution, zoning and the selection of materials as the basis of our decoration. 

Few materials, well chosen and combined, creating an aesthetic simplicity that makes our spaces timeless, fleeing from fashion.

"Less is more raised in the use of materials and colors"

What can we do for you ?

"We give light to your projects" 

Consentido is made up of a group of freelance professionals from all fields of design.

In this way we can offer a comprehensive service coordinating all the parts that make up the project, optimizing a spectacular result.


Graphic designers, fashion designers, photographers, landscape designers, set designers, protocol and events, ...

Tell us about your project and we will tell you everything we can do for you.


Juan Carlos Mayoral has been immersed in the world of construction and decoration since he was a child.

In 1991 he began his studies at the Escuela de Arte Plásticas y Diseño de Jaén, acquiring knowledge of ceramic techniques, molding and artistic casting, specializing in interior decoration and advertising drawing.

An interest in product design awoke and he moved to Valencia where he acquired knowledge in industrial design.

Always in continuous evolution, he completes his training with various specializations such as window dressing, design and planning of points of sale, landscaping, ... 

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