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modcafe| Fuengirola 

Client: MOD

Location: Avenida de la Estación s/n | Fuengirola.

Performance: Comprehensive project.

Photography: María Cardeñas 

From the beginning, the idea of Modcafé was to be a benchmark in their coastal town of residence, they sought to escape from deeply rooted Irish-style bars in the area, so they resorted to the opposite.


Modcafé is a spacious, bright space open to the outside.


Gray and white tones, combined with materials such as natural wood and high gloss white lacquers. 

Two bars have been arranged, one general and larger and one smaller for cocktails, visually the image es of a single one separated by a central module that is the dj booth

Manufactured in post-formed mdf to give it that curved shape so characteristic of Modcafé bars.

The flush backlighting creates a very special atmosphere.

A large vinyl glass module with an image of the city taken from the terrace of the building makes up the service area, whose access is through a glass door 

large transparent printed with the image of the premises.

texto modcafé
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