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Sweet Cocktail Bar

Location: Bernabé Soriano, 22, (La Carrera) Jaén.

Action: Decorative Restyling.

Model: Pilar Weller.

The commission consists of the decorative restyling of an emblematic place, the old Café Jaén, located in one of the most traditional and central streets of the Jaén capital.

The aim is to create an atmosphere that accommodates an adult audience and that facilitates meeting and conversation.

The place is located in an old stately building and is characterized by  its access through a semicircular arch on columns and an interior where brick walls are combined seen and stone ashlars, without forgetting its decorative wooden beams.


Taking into account these factors and su ubicación we considered the need for comprehensive action but respecting these elements as much as possible, looking for a way for our work not to be a false, but to be integrated and in turn the potentiate.


The bar area that we find at the entrance is respected and is completed with a sofa area, a small stage and a small auxiliary bar to serve the interior space.


With the intention of visually lightening the weight of the large main bar, gold mirror-finish polystyrene is used for its cladding, completed with LED perimeter lighting at its base.


The upper cup holders are replaced by a profile with integrated led.

An existing bench is reupholstered in aqua green velvet, completing the area with some cherry red poufs.

A large metallic curtain visually delimits this space.

The combination of golden tones, the shiny finishes and the soft textures of the velvets,

They perfectly complement the rough materials from the premises, together with a studied lighting, they give the space an elegant and calm atmosphere.



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