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lapaulina| Mexican style tacos 

Client: Miguel Leon.

Location: New Street of the Virgin | Grenade.

Action: Decorative reform.

Model: Pilar Weller 

This assignment represents the courageous commitment of Miguel León, a famous hotelier from Granada in charge of the Oryza restaurant, characterized by its offer of gourmet products who contacted us with the intention of giving a radical turn to his business.

A good connoisseur of Mexican cuisine where he trained during a long stay, he wants to complete the gastronomic offer of the capital of Granada with a new place specializing in this type of food.

For the realization of the project, we are faced with several conditions: the completion time, a tight budget and the study of times and materials for a possible expansion of the brand.

Our proposal, simple and effective, characterized by a more diaphanous space than the existing one, dividing into two areas visually by means of materials, bar and lounge.

A powerful graphite tone on the walls and ceiling and centralized lighting on the tables seeking to give prominence to what is really important, the product.

An aesthetic opposite to the typical "Mexican cantina".

texto lapaulina
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