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Francis Gomez

Location: C. Islas Baleares, 50, Mancha Real, Jaén.

Action: Interior design | Decor

Photography: José Torres 

The order raised by the client consists of decoratively completing the reform already carried out of the premises acquired for the development of his activity as a physiotherapist.

The client is aware of the importance of having a good brand image, which together with good facilities, complement the quality of the services it provides. 

White as predominant.

Nuestro trabajo consiste en         "vestir " the space, through coverings and furniture, with the "condition" of keeping white as the predominant color.  


When considering our work, we start from the importance in terms of both physical and visual cleanliness that these types of facilities must have.

An almost aseptic space, but without giving up a certain warmth. 

It is resolved to apply a different treatment that differentiates the common areas from the therapy rooms. 

In thecommon zones 

We use wood by paneling, interspersing staves of the same material in a medium walnut tone, with an open pore finish, this gives us warmth and serenity. 

For theinquiries, furniture is used in which we combine glass tables, which visually lightens the room from elements, as well as steel and white leather seats, in addition to the use of one of the corporate colors and the logo of the brand through corporeos.

The interior design is completed by the use of images of the therapies offered, reproduced in large format and plants through vertical and horizontal gardens. 

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