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cafedelconsuelo| the new tavern

Client: Adriano Serrano Cobos.

Location: Arco del Consuelo Street | Jaen.

Performance: Comprehensive project.


Photography: Maria Cardenas.

Café del Consuelo marked a before and after in the concept of this type of premises in the city, its privileged location and a simple and cozy decoration made this place become a benchmark week after week in leisure in the capital.

Situated on a narrow street surrounded by taverns dating back to the 1880s, it soon earned the nickname of a neo tavern.

The commission was looking for a current setting, not clashing with the surroundings and sticking to a tight budget.

Straight lines, simple materials such as iron, wood, raffia, porcelain and its imposing wall covered in black tile 

They give it a unique personality.

Indirect and graduated lighting played an important part in creating relaxed and pleasant environments throughout the premises.

texto cafedelconsuelo
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